How To Style Your T-shirt

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Picking your fit and size

Women’s fit t-shirts are great for showing off the girls and highlighting your waist but if that’s not the look you’re going for, why not unisex it up. A lot of our t-shirts are unisex for two good reasons - one, despite being primarily made for women, we’re happy for all genders to shop our tees - two, unisex t-shirts come in a more relaxed fit allowing for easier customization. There are multiple ways to wear your bad ass Chaotic tee so in case you’re not a t-shirt pro, here’s a few tips.

The sleeve roll-up

Bit of an obvious one. Rolling the sleeves up on your tee gives it that extra je ne sais quoi. Note that if you’re really into it, it only takes a basic sewing kit, minimal skills and a couple stitches to make that a permanent feature on your Chaotic baby.

chaotic roll up sleeve medusa t-shirt

The full sleeve roll up

This look is slightly more retro and closer to turning your top into a full on muscle tee. It’s also a great way to show off your guns.

The pooffy full tuck

A bit old school upon first view, the full tuck is not to be underestimated. It’s no longer for the outcasts with no fashion clue, au contraire mon frere, it’s actually on the more fashion forward side. If you’re looking to ease into it, note that it’s easier to pull off with a skirt.

The full tuck - minus the poof

Slightly more mainstream than its cousin above.

The front tuck

For the tres oversized fit (as in you bought an L when you’re actually an S), this one’s a winner if not a must unless you’re actively trying to look like you’re wearing the shortest dress in the world or your dad’s t-shirt.

The half or side tuck

Still want to somewhat highlight that you have a waist and a peachy butt? The half tuck was made for you - relaxed naughtiness.

The front or side front knot

Great for a relaxed look that still highlights your waist and hips.

The back knot

If you want more or less the same fit as the front knot but don’t want the knot showing, move it to the back. Simples.


The crop knot

Same as the above but with more of the fabric involved in the knot - shows off more flesh too. Sweet look when you're wearing high waisted anything.

Taking scissors to it…

We’re not hugely fond of the idea of taking scissors to your Chaotic t-shirt because you could do some irreversible damage to it. It is nevertheless an option for keyhole muscle tee styling and the likes.

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